Femme Sports Performance

Femme Sports Performance

Are you a young athlete looking to reach your full potential in your chosen sport? Femme Sports Performance by Femme was created just for you! An all-women’s gym dedicated to empowering the next generation of female athletes.


A highly structured progressive training program to boost athletic performance. It is group oriented designed to support girls and teens in their athletic journey, helping them develop the skills, strength, and confidence they need to thrive in their respective sports.

• Expert Coaching: Our experienced coach provides personalized training, guidance, and mentorship, ensuring that each participant reaches their full potential.

• Strength and Conditioning: We focus on building a solid foundation to develop greater strength, agility, and endurance. Including strength training, flexibility exercises, and cardio workouts to enhance overall athletic performance.

Injury Prevention: We prioritize the safety and well-being of all athletes. Our program includes techniques and education to reduce the risk of injuries common in youth sports.

Who Can Join:

Our program is open to young girls and teens (ages 13-19) who are passionate about sports and eager to improve their performance. Whether they are just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, we tailor our sessions to meet your needs.

Join our Femme Sports Performance Program and take the first step toward realizing your full athletic potential.